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Global financial services ecosystem facing disruption


Corporate and Investment Banking, and other areas within the global financial services ecosystem, faces disruption and change at an unprecedented level and pace.  This is particularly difficult for relationship managers to face as direct physical access to clients moves further away from them.

Our CIB Webinar, over two sessions on February 12 and 13, looked at this dilemma and set out to give participants a roadmap to carry out a three-tier approach to these developments:

  1. Defending

  2. Developing

  3. Transforming


Defending – Outline of the disruption being caused and some of the disrupters causing it.

– What do they bring to the table that relationship managers may not?

– How do such RM’s have to adopt new techniques and systems to combat the challenges in areas where they need to?


Developing – As technology and disrupters up the game for traditional CIB entities we question:

– What financial institutions need to do to develop people?

– How can they bring a greater focus and sense of purpose to what is offered to clients and particularly to their C-suite personnel?

– What internal barriers may be preventing relationship teams from developing?


Transforming – The move to trusted advisor is a transformational one and requires a greater sense of purpose and co-ordination but once achieved the benefits to the client, your institution and you as a relationship manager will be clear for all to see.


CIB needs to ride the disruption wave, not try to swim against it!

Clarity Engagement Solutions and our ‘4 Zones of Customer Engagement’ can help in this process.


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