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What are the 4 Zones™ of Customer Engagement?

The 4 Zones™ of Customer Engagement is a practical, coachable, and repeatable framework of industry-leading best practices for strategic account management.

It is a tailored approach that has already been rolled out to commercial Life Sciences and Medical Devices organizations in over 35 countries worldwide and is now available for account teams in Manufacturing, High-Tech and Financial Services. It encompasses validated best practices from both within a company and across industries, to ensure commercial organizations put their “best foot forward” when engaging with key account stakeholders. This in turn, enables companies to transition from tactical selling to strategic account and opportunity management, using a scalable, professional B2B account approach for building long-term, value driven relationships and driving short-term revenue goals. Additionally, account managers gain the common language they need to foster matrix team collaboration and the framework they require to develop teams and the organisation with a mutual engagement process to get behind.

Our 4 Zones™ approach, training, content and tools will help your commercial organization in the following ways:

  •       – It will help develop a consistent account approach across the organisation
  •       – It allows a tailored approach for each Business Unit & Account type
  •       – It will aid companies in implementing the ‘slow down to go faster’ theme & flow, resulting in better due diligence for better solution alignment
  •       – It will aid the mapping out of all internal processes to better field execution
  •       – Identifies the optimal moments for matrix teamwork
  •       – Aligns with SAMA (Strategic Account Management Association) competencies

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