Navigating Complex Markets

New pressures, new stakeholders, new competitors. The rising complexity of key account management poses unique challenges and compelling opportunities.

Embracing complexity as a component of sustainable competitive advantage.

Clarity implementation teams understand not just strategic skills and capabilities that need to be developed in order to achieve stronger stakeholder alignment, but also the “ecosystem” of connected entities and environments within which those capabilities are put to the test.

The changing stakeholder landscape.

Organizational charts used to be so helpful. Now, account managers are prone to spending too much time with the wrong decision makers without the right up-front planning and research. In multiple industries, someone’s title can be misleading. M & A activity, shifting market positions, new competitors and other factors have led to the rising influence of customer stakeholders that field teams have never called on before.

COVID-19’s effect on marketplace complexity.

It was challenging enough for account teams to break through the noise in competitive markets with high degrees of commoditization. Now, with a global pandemic eliminating face-to-face customer interactions, account managers need to find more innovative ways to understand at a deeper level, what’s going on in their stakeholder’s environments. The commercial teams able to do this in a virtual setting, will end up meaning more to their customers.

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