Key Account Management in Life Sciences

Accelerating the shift from tactical selling models to key account management

Slow, unpredictable uptake of new products?

Are your go-to-market strategies stuck on “One Big Thing” being applied globally? Are you equipping your organization to generate deep understanding of the healthcare ecosystem and ensure innovative, locally relevant, approaches?

Marketing not keeping pace?

Are your brand teams still narrowly focused on promoting products to physicians for an unmet patient need? Is the gap widening between more strategic customer conversations and what your marketing team can support?

Navigating the complexity of the healthcare market

With all the M&A activity in recent years, the lines have blurred between payers and providers with new types of stakeholders emerging all the time. More layers and more complexity lead to an intensifying need to navigate the ecosystem of connected entities. Pharma organizations need to future-proof their commercial strategies with a deeper understanding of “who’s influencing who” and how the flow of drug spend and risk is affected at the local, regional and national levels

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What are the 4 Zones™ of Customer Engagement?

Our 4 Zones™ of Customer Engagement training has helped companies align best practices into their business worldwide. Let us help you mean more to your customer today!

How to Approach Digital Customer Engagement Strategies

The Clarity Insight team is back with its second post on how to elevate customer engagement. This article dives into Digital Customer Engagement strategies.

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How To Elevate Your Customer Engagement To The Next Level

The Clarity Insight team has looked into ways by which you can make sure to mean more to your customers. The first of a new series, this blog post dives into tactical customer engagement tips.

7 Biggest Questions Of Market Access In The Life Sciences Industry

Our survey looks into the 7 Biggest Questions of Market Access in the Life Sciences. Read on to learn of the results now!

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