Developing a Unified Customer Approach

Getting field teams on the same page with a consistent, unified approach towards strategic customer engagement has never been more important.

What happens when your commercial teams don’t use the same customer engagement approach?

When commercial teams don’t follow any common process or framework in how they interact with your most important customer accounts, key insights and best practices end up emerging too late to become actionable by others. More often these days, customer stakeholders are looking to see that manufacturers and solution providers form a unified approach and that everyone on the team has a shared understanding of where and how to bring value.

How working in a virtual world demands the breakdown of silos.

The frustration of dealing with internal silos when trying to come up with impactful customer solutions is not new. The pressure COVID-19 put on the issue did however cause a new shift that feels permanent. And now, with the global pandemic in the rear view mirror, companies have emerged beyond their “wait for the storm to be over” posture into one that calls for collaborative front line teams that can respond to customer trends and needs in more agile ways.

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