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Managed Market Sales

Clarity develops, delivers and supports a new commercial model for managed market sales. 

Clarity is the only consulting, training and coaching company with a complete Managed Market Sales model and curriculum. We were the partner of choice this company turned to, to help them make the transformation.



The Challenge

A top 20 Pharma company was looking for insights and direction to provide its Managed Market AE’s with a new commercial model and sales process. They wanted a model that reflected its leadership position in the industry. They also needed to create more profitable access.


The Business Need

The company needed to transition beyond historical customer approaches. These had focused on contracting discussions with lower-level decision makers. Adopting a more strategic stance with c-suite stakeholders was paramount. The company already had a #1 market share position with most of its brands. With government healthcare reform looming, and client executives expressing a desire to “find more ways to partner with Pharma”, there was a strong need for heading in a new learning and coaching direction for its managed market AE’s. These requirements spanned many categories. Skills assessment and development, process redesign, best practice sharing, and field-based reinforcement were included.


Solution and Outcome

Clarity recognized the need to “get everyone on the same page” of the new selling model. As such, Clarity worked with the VP of Managed Market Sales and Director of Managed Market Sales Training. Together, they conducted a half-day Account Process Rationalization (APR) session. Clarity brought together a cross-section of internal stakeholders – Managed Market Sales, Market Access, Product Management, Strategic and Customer Marketing, HR, Medical and Legal. Applying the APR framework, existing processes that were working well were identified. Clarity found gaps or areas that needed improvement. We then blended in best practices across the industry to produce an APR map. An APR map is a visual representation of the most optimal account/opportunity process for Managed Market AE’s to follow. This helps to drive a more profitable business, and builds stronger, more senior-level relationships.

The APR map created tighter alignment among the client’s internal stakeholders and business units. This included the right strategies for up-skilling the Managed Market AE’s. It also identified changing the customer conversation for the better. This, in turn, led to a tailoring of best practice curriculum by Clarity. A two-day training rollout of value-based selling/B2B approaches followed. Clarity then initiated post-workshop situational coaching sessions that brought together AE’s and their managers. This helped to consistently re-apply key value creation principles to live client opportunities. Clarity then proceeded to produce detailed reports for the client. The reports ascertained the strengths, weaknesses, and key opportunities for growth. The AE’s used these reports to execute against the new managed markets model. Finally, Clarity introduced the “Patient Journey” concept. Embedded in the value-based selling training, this elevated the customer conversation one more level. This would form non-branded approaches to client executives that resonated more strongly. It would also position the client as a thought-leader. A company capable of driving profitable business with a patient-centric philosophy.

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