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Clarity Engagement Solutions and GPF create joint venture to integrate patient journeys into strategic selling models

New York, NY – Clarity Engagement Solutions, Ltd.

A leading provider of consulting, training and coaching for life science and medical device field force teams, today announced the creation of a joint venture with New York-based Group Practice Forum (GPF) for the purpose of helping pharmaceutical field forces better understand the environmental trends and issues affecting medical group practices and how to conduct more strategic, non-branded dialog with group practice stakeholders.

The Clarity/GPF joint venture is the first and only of it’s kind in the pharmaceutical space that combines a network of independent KOLs with deep knowledge of patient journey optimization best practices with a proven, repeatable account and opportunity management process. “This has been in the planning stages for over two years and the time is right to provide pharma field forces with an answer to decreasing access while helping them become more relevant in providing potential solutions in patient care,” said Chris Deren, President and CEO of Clarity. “Together, Clarity and GPF represent the complete solution for pharma companies looking to move beyond traditional share-of-voice models to one that includes them in the more strategic partnering decisions being made at higher levels in customer organizations,” Deren continued.


“The need for health systems to undertake process improvement is one of the most important trends in healthcare today and potentially a critical success factor in healthcare reform overall”, said John Strapp, President of Group Practice Forum. (www.grouppracticeforum.com). “The Patient Journeys developed by the GPF medical advisory board and our healthcare system team have successfully assisted HCP’s implement process focused patient journey programs across a spectrum of chronic disease states. These efforts have been primarily led by health system leadership;” Strapp continued. “What’s been missing is a pharma-developed integrated effort with marketing, brand, sales and account management teams to provide health systems the tools and knowledge to support process-oriented quality improvement initiatives. That ability to take process improvement patient journeys and weave them into the relationship discussions with pharma field teams is what Clarity brings to the table, Strapp added.” As part of the joint venture, Clarity and GPF are now able to provide pharmaceutical commercial organizations with a full suite of service and go-to-market offerings around patient journey process improvement for HCP’s, payers and other healthcare stakeholders and better brand alignment for pharmaceutical manufacturers.


About Clarity Engagement Solutions, Ltd.

Clarity Engagement Solutions, Ltd. is a leading provider of consulting, training and coaching solutions for life science and medical device field force teams. All Clarity Engagement Solutions offerings are tailored to the specific needs of each client, each country, each channel and each field team. Clarity Engagement Solutions team of seasoned executives bring extensive backgrounds and expertise to the task of helping pharmaceutical manufacturers embrace and execute against new commercial models and patient-centric approaches. Headquartered in Dublin, Ireland with offices in the US and Latin America, Clarity Engagement Solutions serves top-tier clients around the world with Clarity programs rolled out in more than 22 countries. Additional information can be found at www.clarityes.com


About Group Practice Forum

Group Practice Forum (GPF) is an independent network whose mission is to improve the patient experience and patient outcomes, while maximizing efficiency in the group practice environment. By implementing team-based collaborative care initiatives with a number of partners and stakeholders across all facets of the healthcare industry, GPF strives to enhance clinical practice and improve outcomes through patient-centered care. For more information, visit www.grouppracticeforum.com.


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