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Clarity announces availability of its 4 Zones™ of Customer Engagement System for Hospital and Health System reps

New York, NY – Clarity Engagement Solutions, Ltd.

A leading provider of consulting, training and coaching for life science and medical device field force teams, today announced the availability of it’s popular 4 Zones™ Customer Engagement System for specialty and institutional sales teams calling on hospitals, health systems and other pharma sales channels.

Clarity is the pioneer in developing B2B, consultative sales processes and approaches in the life science and medical device industries. The 4 Zones™ of Customer Engagement and related programs and coaching have enabled Key Account Managers and Managed Market Account Executives in over 22 countries to take a more strategic approach in aligning with senior-level account decision makers. “With this latest version of the 4 Zone system, we can help a much broader set of selling teams develop and leverage a strategic selling mindset similar to the ones used by KAMs and AEs while still keeping them focused on pulling through product”, said Chris Deren, Clarity CEO. “The two are not mutually exclusive. Our client’s field sales teams are finding that they can keep driving towards increased product utilization goals, while forming more long-term, meaningful stakeholder relationships at other levels in the account at the same time,” Deren added.

The latest version of the 4 Zone™ System for hospital and health system reps includes a detailed set of “Stakeholder Research Cards” which allow the program’s users to more rapidly access and align with a wider range of account decision makers. “As a result of healthcare reform, we’re seeing more titles like “Vice President of Quality” and “VP of Patient Practice Innovation” turn up on many organizational charts”, Deren said. “Now we’re providing the insights, tools, training and resources to help field account teams at multiple levels quickly identify the most relevant decision makers to call on, what they need to know about them before they do, and how they can use that information to create alignment that’s competitively stronger.”

About Clarity Engagement Solutions, Ltd.

Clarity Engagement Solutions, Ltd. is a leading provider of consulting, training and coaching solutions for life science and medical device field force teams. All Clarity Engagement Solutions offerings are tailored to the specific needs of each client, each country, each channel and each field team. Clarity Engagement Solutions team of seasoned executives bring extensive backgrounds and expertise to the task of helping pharmaceutical manufacturers embrace and execute against new commercial models and patient-centric approaches. Headquartered in Dublin, Ireland with offices in the US and LAtin America, Clarity Engagement Solutions serves top-tier clients around the world with Clarity programs rolled out in more than 22 countries. Additional information can be found at www.clarityes.com.

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