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Clarity Launches the Transformation Suite™

Clarity Launches the Transformation Suite™ for Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Companies to Elevate the Effectiveness of Customer-Facing Teams

Clarity Engagement Solutions, a leading provider of strategy consulting, change management, healthcare landscape education, account management training and coaching, today announced the availability of the Transformation SuiteTM , a comprehensive set of solutions designed to transition customer-facing teams in the pharma and medtech sectors to the next level of customer engagement.

The Transformation SuiteTM starts with an executive team alignment session to establish and communicate the case for change. It then includes research-based content and landscape education to inform field teams on the most recent business pressures, changes and drivers faced by policy makers, payers, providers and patients and the strategies and approaches for each that are now more effective. It continues with the implementation of “how-to” execution training and ongoing coaching. The Transformation Suite also includes content tailored to all four customer-facing roles: Key Account Management, Commercial Sales, Market Access and Medical Affairs.

“The pressure to better understand the needs of policy makers, payers, providers and patients is only intensifying and organizations need help to stay one step ahead of the complexity”, said Chris Deren, CEO of Clarity. “Both before and after product launch, there are opportunities to create much stronger alignment with these customers if companies have the right strategy, expertise, process and tools. That’s what the Transformation SuiteTM  brings in terms of value and impact”, Deren added.

About Clarity Engagement Solutions

Clarity Engagement Solutions is a leading provider of strategy consulting, change management, landscape education, training and coaching solutions for pharmaceutical and medical device customer-facing teams. All Clarity offerings are tailored to the specific needs of each client, each country and each account segment. Clarity’s Transformation SuiteTM  and 4 Zones of Customer Engagement process provide the most effective platform for customer-facing teams to generate differentiated value for policy makers, payers, providers and patients. With headquarters in Dublin, Ireland and offices in New York, Singapore and Brazil, Clarity serves top-tier clients around the world with Clarity programs rolled out in more than 25 countries.

Additional information can be found at www.clarityes.com

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