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Corporate and Institutional Banking – Challenging times

Relationship managers face new challenges and old issues in new guises like digitization, regulatory restrictions, profitability and competition but one piece of the jigsaw remains the same and those are the clients.


What do clients want?


They want their Bankers to help them achieve their own targets and corporate needs…

In order to achieve clients targets, Bankers need to be :

  • Collaborative
  • Imaginative
  • Solutions Oriented
  • Approachable
  • Technical
  • Trusted Partners
  • Client focused

There is definitely no pressure here, but if you are running a front end client facing team then ask yourself the question….”Is this your team, or just some of them???”

To do all of this, CIB Bankers and teams need to really know their clients at a far deeper level.

They need to transform their people and their engagement with their clients… This is not about CRM or Wallet Share, this is about you and your client maximizing your joint potential…

We know it’s a whole new Ecosystem out there and we know we can help you, so let’s hear what our Senior Consultant for Financial Institutions Larry Gordon has to say in the video below:


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